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No.1 unveils the No.1 X-men X1 ultra-rugged smartphone
Date2014/12/15 18:17:31

If you are bored ofthe traditional looking devices in the market, take a look at the new No.1X-men X1 ultra rugged smartphone. judging from the pictures below, the X1 definitelylooks like a phone that can take a beating.

The No.1 X-men X1 is waterproof, dustproof and evenshockproof. So, you don’t have to worry about water or dust spoiling yoursmartphone. It can even resist drops to certain extent, thanks to the extensiverubber protection making it an ideal outdoor companion. The phone is IP68certified, which offers better protection than the IP67 certification found onmost phones that claim to be rugged.

No.1 has also paid special attention to the X-men X1′sdesign. The phone looks extremely well built and quite thin too for the kind ofprotection it provides. In fact, the touch of bright orange on the blackexterior looks quite appealing. On the back, you have some sharp design cutswith the same color, which further enhances its looks.

Another highlight of the device is the large 5,800 mAhbattery onboard. Such a large battery coupled with the small screen will giveyou an impressive battery life. In fact, No.1 claims that the phone offersstandby times of over 50 days, which is an impressive figure for a smartphoneany day.

The large battery, IP68 certification along with the greatlooks makes the No.1 X-men X1 an ideal device while traveling outdoors. Thesefeatures will definitely come in handy while going for adventure treks or otheroutings, where your traditional smatphones will not suffice.

We don’t have any more details at the moment, but we haveincluded a number of images of the X1 in the gallery below for your viewingpleasure.

More information, visit: http://en.001phone.cn/product-no-1-x1-rugged-phone-95.html