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Declare: en.001phone.cn and www.no1phone.cc both are our official website

Thanks for all customers focus on NO.1 phone, and some one find that, en.001phone.cn and www.no1phone.cc have the same style, it is interest, both are NO.1 Phone official website.

No.1 unveils the No.1 X-men X1 ultra-rugged smartphone

If you are bored ofthe traditional looking devices in the market, take a look at the new No.1X-men X1 ultra rugged smartphone.

No.1 announces the new No.1 Mi4 for $149.99

No.1 has just released another clone in the market called as the No.1 Mi4. As the name suggests, the device is an exact replica of the Xiaomi Mi4, so you get the same back finish, metal frame and dimensions. In fact, the only major difference between the two devices when it comes to design is the absence of the Mi logo on the front and the Xiaomi logo at the back.

No.1 G2 on sale at Comebuy

Welcome to the age of smartwatches. In 2013—and even before—more companies started releasing different kinds of smart watches. Now, the No.1 G2 smart watch is on sale at Comebuy. That time when watches can only tell time is long and gone. Now, you can use the No.1 G2 to also make calls, send or receive texts, have a contact list, take photos, record audio and videos, play music, etc. It even comes with a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and other kinds of functions to maintain your health.

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